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Avian influenza

Scottish poultry producers are being urged to stay vigilant following an outbreak of avian influenza in Fife.

A suspect case of avian influenza has been identified in chickens on a farm in Dunfermline.

Laboratory tests have identified a very mild strain of the H5N1 virus and a humane cull of almost 40,000 birds has now begun.

Restrictions on the movement of poultry and birds for one kilometre around the affected premises remain in place.

Scottish Government is stressing that this strainis not the sameH5N1 strain that has been reported around the world during the last ten years including Scotland in 2006. It is a low pathogenic strain affecting birds and is much milder than these other transglobal viruses that are highly pathogenic and have caused human infection. This strain is carried by wild birds without causing disease and occasionally spills over into poultry. There have been a small number of isolated cases elsewhere in Europe in recent years and have not spread.

In order to limit the further spread of disease, appropriate restrictions have been imposed on the suspected premises and any identified contact premises. The birds at the suspect premises will be humanely culled and a 1 km Temporary Control Zone (TCZ) put in place around the farm. Within this zone a range of different controls are in place which include restrictions of the movement of poultry, carcasses, eggs, used poultry litter and manure and restrictions on bird gatherings.

A copy of that declaratory order is available on the Scottish Government website here...

Anyone who suspects an animal may be affected by a notifiable disease must report it to their local Animal Plant & Health Agency (formerly AHVLA) office.

Contact details can be found at

More information about Avian Influenza - including biosecurity guidance - is available from the Scottish Government website here...


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