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Tenant Farmer Not Being Made Homeless


Tenant farmer not being made homeless

(Issued on behalf of The Colstoun Trust)

The Colstoun Trust, which owns Colstoun Mains Farm in East Lothian issued the following statement today.

Francis Ogilvy, factor of the Colstoun Estate, said: "The portrayal of Mr Andrew Stoddart and his family being evicted from Colstoun Mains on November 28 this year is misleading and a distortion of the real position.

"We have offered Mr Stoddart the opportunity to remain living in the house at Colstoun Mains after 28 November on the assumption that they do not have alternative accommodation.

'We have also made two offers of compensation to Mr Stoddart, the second of which was a payment to account for future waygoing claims and linked with the Scottish Government making a contribution also.   We await the Scottish Government’s response.

"Negotiation with Mr Stoddart’s advisors on the matter of compensation for improvements is taking place. These matters should be dealt with through constructive face to face dialogue; it is very regrettable that this matter has become a political football being kicked around in the media.

"Colstoun Mains is not 'Mr Stoddart's farm'. He rented the farm for fixed period of time in the full knowledge that the lease would terminate. It is a great shame that he was given false hope of staying on indefinitely by defective legislation but he has known for years now that the tenancy would end and since March this year he agreed that it would be on 28 November 2015. The farm tenancy will cease on that date but we repeat there is no question of him and his family being made homeless."


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