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A further statement has been issued by the Coulston Trust


Issued by the Trustees of the Colstoun Trust

The Trustees and Mr Stoddart are both victims of illegal legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2003. It is for Scottish Ministers to make good the losses which have been caused to both parties.

The Trustees today call upon Scottish Ministers to mediate with both parties in good faith, which must include participating in the mediation process as an affected party. If they fail to do so prior to 28th November 2015, particularly in light of the series of delays and U-turns concerning the mediation process to date, Ministers should consider making an interim award to Mr Stoddart to make good his immediate losses in removing from the Farm on 28th November 2015.

The removal date was agreed as a result of a binding Court process which Mr Stoddart and his advisers fully engaged with. The process involved signing a joint minute agreeing to termination of the tenancy on 28th November 2015, which was lodged on 18th March 2015, deliberately giving at least 8 months prior to the termination date for Mr Stoddart to make future arrangements. This is not therefore a case of an eviction notice being served as an unexpected bolt from the blue as has been erroneously suggested in some press articles.

3 November 2015


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