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Scottish Land & Estates welcomes more targeted control of salmon

Scottish Land & Estates has submitted its views on how best to introduce controls on wild salmon stocks.

The Scottish Government, through Marine Scotland, has introduced a number of new proposals which will see salmon stocks measured annually to determine their sustainability. Where stocks are deemed to be above a defined conservation limit there will be no enforcement but where stocks fall below the conservation limit, conservation plans will need to be put in place and mandatory catch and release will be imposed on the rivers where stocks continually fall below the conservation limit. 

Katy Dickson, Policy Officer (Business and Property), said: “We are pleased that the Scottish Government has listened to consultation responses from the sector and has designed a more targeted pragmatic approach which will meet the aims of conserving Scottish wild salmon while not burdening those with proven sustainable stocks.

“The robust annual monitoring should result in a flexible system in which a long term conservation approach can be taken. By building a coherent data set over the whole country management of stocks will be better informed and the factors influencing the stock levels can be identified.

“The proposed measures also prohibit the taking of Atlantic salmon outwith inland waters as it is impossible to measure the sustainability of these stocks. Scottish Land & Estates welcomes this measure and a review in three years’ time once further research has been conducted into these mixed stocks.”


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