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New rent review guidance issued

Scottish Land & Estates has worked with the other industry bodies and the Independent Tenant Farming Adviser to issue guidance on the negotiation and conduct of rent reviews. This new guidance replaces that issued in July 2014, and extends the concept of a systematic procedure based on full transparency of data sources.

It retains, but simplifies, the inflation-linked sense test, and it provides for concise procedural recording so as to create a basis for future audit of adherence to good practice.

Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the guidance, which is available on the Independent Tenant Farming Adviser’s web page, and to adhere to it as appropriate.

At the launch of the guidance David Johnstone, Chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “Our organisation wholeheartedly supports initiatives such as this which aim to bolster confidence and collaboration across the industry.

“The Scottish Government’s own research demonstrates that in the vast majority of cases, relationships between landlords and tenants are good. However, we also recognise there are exceptions and this guidance should help resolve any differences quickly and amicably.

“We firmly believe there is a lot more that unites the industry than divides it and this guidance shows that when we all work together constructively, it reduces the need for continual recourse to legislation, which is surely in no-one’s interests.”

The guidance can be found here...

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