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Scottish Land & Estates responds to seasonal grazing issue

Scottish Land & Estates has responded to a report issued by the Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs on the letting of seasonal grazing and subsidy entitlements.

David Johnstone, Chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “Seasonal grazing is an important part of Scottish farming and when it became clear that there was an issue in the seasonal grazing market in some areas, Scottish Land & Estates highlighted how the Scottish Government’s own decisions on the siphon on transfers of entitlements without land have caused the problem. We met with Scottish Government officials in an attempt to find a solution but it was clear that the government did not want to reverse its decision.

“It is important to note that this matter is one that affects many different arrangements including farmers letting land to other farmers, as happens all over Scotland, and that it cannot be construed as a simple traditional landowner-tenant issue. Equally it is important to understand that inactive landowners would not be eligible for support; landowners must meet the requirements of the scheme in terms of minimum activity requirements.

“The best way forward is to recognise that the new CAP regime is ushering in a period of change and that the best way to deal with this change is for all parties to work together to find a result that works for everyone involved. The report submitted to the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development by the SAYFC is clear that this is affecting less than 10% of BPS applications, but all parties – landowners, tenants and graziers – need to be talking to one another to discuss how best to structure their business relationships so as to benefit all parties in the years to come.”


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