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New measures to reduce emmissions in farming

The latest figures show that agriculture is responsible for 23.4% of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions.

This puts farming very much in the spotlight as all sectors are expected to reduce emissions. Following the release of the latest emissions figures, which show that Scotland continues to miss its annual reduction targets, the Scottish Government have announced a raft of new measures to help make more progress.

The raft of measures includes two in agriculture:

  • Compulsory soil testing on all improved agricultural land
  • New action to reduce wastage by improving livestock health

These are headline announcements and the details are still to be worked out, which will be done in consultation with the Agriculture and Climate Change Stakeholder Group, on which Scottish Land & Estates sits.

The Scottish Government has £200,000 to support compulsory soil testing, which will be used to create a database and for communications, and there is a commitment for additional staff to support livestock health action.

We will update members as details become available.




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