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EU Update in CAP

The Commission is still receiving notifications from Member States on the implementation of the new rules of the CAP. A new wave of notifications is expected on equivalence by the 1st July, on EFA by 1st August and on monitoring data and permanent grassland ratio by 15th December. So far the notifications have confirmed the different paths chosen by Member States, with France and the Netherlands allowing for certification scheme instead of the greening measures or the Netherlands and Poland having allowed for a collective approach to EFAs. Regarding the definition of active farmer, eighth MS choose to add activities to negative list.

The commission expects that around €3 billion will be transferred from pillar I to pillar II over the current financial period. Still Commissioner Hogan has joined forces with the EIB to pull in private money to the rural areas. The scheme encourages Member States to increase the use of financial instruments - such as loan guarantees giving lenders assurance for their capital - in their rural development plans. However, only a handful of countries expressed a desire to use them in the new 2014-2020 period even being recommended to set greater guidance and more incentives to use such instruments.

Also, Commissioner Hogan is still looking into possibilities to simplify the new rules, having asked Ministers, COMAGRI members and the ELO and key stakeholders for their input, ahead of the Commission reports in October. The reports should lead to delegated and implementing acts, mostly by summer 2016


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