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Landowners call for solution to seasonal grazings issue

Following the publication of the latest statistics on tenanted agricultural land and comment from Richard Lochhead ahead of a meeting with the other industry bodies, Scottish Land & Estates is calling for all parties involved in the industry to work together for the benefit of Scottish agriculture as a whole.

David Johnstone, Chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “We have acknowledged that there is an issue around seasonal grazings and we have ourselves written to Richard Lochhead seeking a solution. Scottish Land & Estates does not support or condone ‘slipper farming’ and clearly anyone that applies for support must meet all the requirements of the scheme.

“Rather than portray this issue as a new slipper farming problem, that is viewed as landowners versus farmers, which ignores the fact that many landowners are themselves farmers, we should be looking for solutions. To this end, Scottish Land & Estates has sought to draw attention to the way that the Scottish Government’s own decisions on the siphon on transfers of entitlements without land could be causing part of the problem and we have met with Mr Lochhead’s officials to attempt to find a solution, but it seems that any change in this area is unlikely.

“This means that the best way forward is to recognise that the new CAP regime will usher in a period of change and that the best way to deal with this change is for all parties to work together to find a result that works for everyone involved. Landowners, tenants and graziers all need to be talking to one another to make sure they all understand the new rules and how they apply in their situation and to discuss how best to structure their business relationships so as to benefit all parties in the years to come.”


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