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Lynx UK Trust announces reintroduction survey

A body promoting the reintroduction of Lynx to the UK has this week launched its own consultation to gauge the public’s attitude towards reintroduction proposals.  The Lynx UK Trust says it has identified a site in Scotland and two in England for a trial reintroduction and that it intends to submit a license application to the relevant authorities following its public consultation.  
Douglas McAdam, Chief Executive of Scottish Land & Estates, said:  “In Scotland we now have the National Species Reintroduction Forum (NSRF) which was set up following requests from ourselves and others in the land management sector to ensure that future reintroduction proposals, especially of large predatory carnivore species, had their potential impacts on economic land use, other species and our communities, properly assessed as part of a robust and inclusive decision making process. 
“No official lynx proposal has yet come before the NSRF for robust scrutiny and assessment, but if it does we are sure there are likely to be a considerable number of issues for farmers and land managers in terms of a lynx reintroduction to Scotland, and we are therefore deeply sceptical that the majority of our membership would welcome it. We would perhaps also be better focusing our limited resources and public funding on doing our best for the species we have which are endangered, such as our native Scottish wildcat.”
To respond to the survey click here -   

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