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Greening Guidance Updated Again!

The Scottish Government have released (on 14th January) another version of their greening booklet, which relates to direct farm support provided through the CAP.

Please have a look at the updated Greening booklet. The changes are highlighted in bold and with a green arrow on the left hand side so you can see at a glance what has been updated. There have been a number of updates to Section 4 so we would recommend you read this section again if Ecological Focus Area (EFA) applies to you.

This version supersedes previous versions and it is recommended that you use this version as guidance from now on.

Below is a summary of the main changes, along with the sections in the booklet they relate to:

Crop diversification and Ecological Focus Area (EFA) – sections 3 and 4

This now applies to all of your holding. Previously this only applied to your claimed area.

Crop diversification and fallow – section 3

For crop diversification, land in fallow that is not being used as EFA fallow must not be subject to any agricultural production in May and June.

EFA fallow – section 4

There have been additional restrictions on EFA fallow regarding the change of land cover. Details of these can be found in the updated booklet.

Field margins – section 4

You can now top field margins after August 31 as long as you don’t remove any grass.

Please have a look at the updated Greening booklet...





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