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New Forestry Grant Scheme

The new Forestry Grant Scheme is due to open for applications in March/April 2015.

Key Dates

  • 5 December 2014: New web portal - - goes live with overview of all schemes including forestry.
  • W/C 5 January 2015: RPID will issue a customer alert (via letter) about the new business registration process. The new IT system and process for customer business registration will become available as part of the new web portal and all forestry businesses and agents who intend to apply for SRDP schemes or receive SRDP payments will need to register with the new IT system to obtain a new username and password.
  • W/C 26 January 2015: Web portal updated to provide full details of forestry grants.
  • February 2015: SG will run a series of Pillar 2 ‘road shows’ which will include a short forestry section. In addition, Forestry Commission Scotland will run separate events about the new forestry grants for the forestry sector (see Section 5 below).
  • March/April 2015: The Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) is scheduled to open for applications in late March/early April 2015. Applications to FGS will use an on-line application process and will be delivered using a new IT system. Even, if EC approval of the SRDP is delayed, Scottish Government would seek to open the programme ‘at risk’; assuming approval is likely without major changes.
  • August 2015: Facility to issue contracts available. If this date slips significantly, an interim manual process will be adopted for selected options such as woodland creation so that contracts can be issued in time for 2015 claim year.
  • December 2015: Payment system for capital claims becomes available.


Training Events

Forestry Commission Scotland will be running a series of training events to support the launch of the new Forestry Grant Scheme between March and June 2015. These will be organised and run for woodland owners and forestry agents in each Conservancy and will explain the details of the forestry grants. Dates and venues will be released in January 2015.

Forestry Grants

An overview of the forestry grants is shown in here.

The figures are subject to EC approval. High level information on forestry grants will appear on the new web portal in December and this will be updated with full option detail from w/c 26th January 2015.

Payment Rates

At this stage FCS has provided details of the proposed payment rates for the new woodland creation options so that landowners can start to consider new projects. However as most of the forestry payments rates will need to be read in conjunction with the detailed guidance for each grant type FCS will publish the remaining payment rates along with the detailed FGS options guidance on w/c 26th January 2015.

Details of the proposed payment rates for the 9 woodland creation options are shown here. Again these are subject to approval by the EC.

Further Information

Further information on forestry grants will be available on the new SRDP web site - - on w/c 26th January 2015. 

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