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Chefs Toast The 'Golden Grouse' On The Glorious Twelfth

Shooting enthusiasts to pay up to £70,000 to shoot on Scotland’s moors

LEADING Scottish chefs today toasted the ‘golden grouse’ as they prepared for the Glorious Twelfth.

They were joined by grouse shooting enthusiasts who will pay up to £70,000 to shoot on Scotland’s moors from tomorrow.

Despite weather conditions affecting shooting prospects in certain areas, the commitment to shooting on the Glorious Twelfth from shooting enthusiasts remains as strong as ever.

Leading chefs Tom Kitchin and Brian Maule said today the red grouse is ‘tremendous asset’ for the Scottish food industry.

Tom Kitchin, who owns the Kitchin and Castle Terrace restaurants in Edinburgh, commented:

“As a Scot I am incredibly passionate about our heritage and traditions, and for me, Grouse embodies all that is great about Scottish produce.  I pride myself on presenting nothing but the freshest, seasonal food possible year round and serving newly shot grouse, on the very first day of the season, is about as fresh and as seasonal as it gets.

“What’s so special for me is that our diners are as excited and passionate as I am about this day.  Some of our guests have been waiting all year to enjoy the first grouse and I want to make sure what I serve them lives up to their expectations. I’ll be making sure I get my hands on the freshest grouse available so they can have the most memorable dining experience possible.”

Brian Maule, from Brian Maule at Chardon D’Or in Glasgow commented:

“Red grouse is truly fantastic produce. Scotland has some of the best meat and fish in the world – and we also have fantastic game.

“This is food which Scotland can really be proud of and something the great culinary nations such as France would be shouting from the rooftops.

“Game is something that people tend not to cook widely at home but they appreciate it when they go to a restaurant and red grouse is a real culinary celebration.”

Baron Jochen Von der Goltz of Boston, USA, has been shooting Scottish grouse for 30 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.  He commented:

“In Scotland you are close to heaven. You really appreciate that you are alive, that God created the world, and that you are privileged to enjoy the scenery and atmosphere with an event like grouse shooting...I have gone to many, many places to shoot and Scotland is by far the best. Not only the scenery but because of the way the birds fly".

The best estimate is that there are over 6000 participants each year in Scottish grouse shooting.  About 20% from Scotland, 51% from the rest of the UK and 28% from North America and the rest of the world*, making it a very significant economic export.

Francois Dannaud from France is returning to shoot grouse in Scotland this year.  He commented:

“Scotland with its scenic landscape, its vast expanses of heather moors, old castles, and great traditional hospitality, is of special appeal to us French.

“Scottish grouse shooting is regarded as a passion, a tradition, a challenge and the most prestigious form of driven bird shooting in the world.  It has never been cheap but we fully realise that enjoying such a privilege has a cost.

“Last year together with my group of eight friends and our wives we enjoyed shooting grouse for two days on a renowned estate near Inverness and stayed in a luxury hotel.

Our expenses were £40,000 for shooting, £11,000 for accommodation, £3,500 car hire, £5,000 meals & drinks, £2,000 in tips and more than £10,000 in …shopping!

“So within only two days we spent over £70,000 in Scotland, to enjoy two magnificent days of sport resulting in a bag of 150 brace.”



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