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Landowners Welcome Red Tape Recommendations

Scottish Land & Estates today welcomed Brian Pack’s final recommendations on reducing red tape.
David Johnstone, Chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “I would like to congratulate Brian on his work and his final report. He has undertaken his Inquiry into red tape in an open and constructive way. He has listened to all sides and brought forward a comprehensive package of recommendations which, if acted upon, could help farmers and rural land managers, and indeed the Scottish Government. 
“Our members can deliver for Scotland. They just need to be freed up and helped to do so rather than held back by red tape and bureaucracy, so they will widely welcome this report.”
Andrew Midgley, Head of Policy, said: “Brian has brought forward a series of detailed recommendations that should help reduce the regulatory burden on farmers, but a striking and very important part of Brian’s report emphasises the importance of trying to move in the direction of a regulatory framework that is less about policing farmers and land managers and more about supporting and enabling them. We whole-heartedly support this aspiration.
“Brian also highlights that a more efficient and enabling regulatory regime requires greater transparency and improved mutual understanding between our different regulators and the farming and land management sectors. As part of this, he has brought forward recommendations that challenge the mind-set of farmers and land managers with regard to regulation. There is a key role here for organisations like Scottish Land & Estates and we are very ready to play our part in improving the regulatory environment for the benefit of the industry and Scotland.” 

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