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Landowners Welcome Latest Tenancy Data

In response to the publication of the findings of the recent tenant and landlord surveys David Johnstone, Chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said:

“Scottish Land & Estates very much welcomes the publication of the findings of the recent surveys along with the wider tenure review. This sort of information, which provides insight into what tenants and landlords think and the sorts of things they might do in future, is massively useful and we hope that it provides a platform for constructive dialogue over the coming months.

“We are encouraged that two-thirds of respondents to the tenants survey said that they were either very or fairly satisfied with their current landlord because this seems to contradict the impression that is often given that the system is entirely broken. But the very fact that 15% said they were dissatisfied with their landlord highlights that there are problems which must be addressed. That level of dissatisfaction is too high and we need to work together as an industry to improve the situation.

“We note too that there is clearly an issue around the 1991 Act tenancies with both tenants and landlords more likely to feel dissatisfied with the arrangements and relationships. We need to work together to address these issues.

“Scottish Land & Estates will take time to reflect on these reports and seek to learn the lessons.”



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