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Scottish Land & Estates Welcomes Energy Boost For Domestic Properties Through New Renewable Heat Incentive

Scottish Land & Estates has welcomed the launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which it says will benefit householders across the country.

The RHI has been launched to provide financial support for renewable heat systems, offering payments to offset the cost of installing low carbon systems in domestic properties.

Scottish Land & Estates believes this will be of particular benefit for residents in rural areas, especially for those with no access to the gas grid.

The technologies that will be covered by the scheme include biomass heating systems, ground or water source heat pumps, air to water heat pumps and some solar thermal panels.

Anne Gray, policy offer at Scottish Land & Estates, said: “The launch of the Renewable Heat Incentive is good news for all residential property owners across Scotland.

“Owner occupiers, landlords and people who build their own domestic properties will receive valuable help to meet the cost of installing carbon efficient technologies which should provide a boost in lowering energy bills as well as helping the environment.

“The scheme was originally due to launch in 2012 and has been much anticipated, especially by those in rural areas who may not be connected to the gas grid and can be affected more than most by rising fuel prices.

“Owners of rural properties often also have the added benefit of space to install biomass boilers and easier access to supplies of materials such as wood, which makes the scheme even better news for these areas.

“Originally, the Renewable Heat Incentive was not going to be available to trustee-owned homes and businesses but following representations from Scottish Land & Estates on behalf of our members, we are delighted that the Department of Energy & Climate Change reversed that decision.

“This means many properties, including historic iconic properties, will now be eligible for support to become as energy efficient as possible, which can only be good news for the environment, owners and occupiers.”


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