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Scottish Land & Estates reacts to STFA survey recognising workable landlord/tenant relationships

The Herald this week published results of a survey carried out by the STFA amongst its members that demonstrated – despite the paper’s headline – that the majority of tenant farmers recognised that they had a workable relationship with their landlord or factor.

Thirty one per cent of respondents said their relationship was good, with another 43% saying it was tolerable. Only 26% said they had a poor relationship with their landlord or factor.

The article also said a majority of farmers would like absolute right to buy introduced for 1991 tenancies, prompting chief executive Douglas McAdam to comment: “It is unsurprising that a proportion of STFA members would like to buy their farms. It is heartening to note, however, that a clear majority of these same respondents also recognise they have a workable relationship with their landlord or factor.

“The Scottish Government’s review of agricultural holdings legislation is currently examining what is needed to create a dynamic and successful tenanted sector and we believe that an absolute right to buy will do nothing to help deliver this objective and will have negative consequences for new entrants, farmers looking to expand their businesses and the industry as a whole.

“The government is also currently undertaking a comprehensive survey of the views of tenant farmers, which is supported by both us and the STFA. We will await the results of this independent study to provide a complete overview of the sector in due course.”


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