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Register of Rents Letter by Andrew Howard

Letter as published in Scottish Farmer on 14 March 2014


Last week’s article ‘Let’s register farm rents!’ failed to properly reflect Scottish Land & Estates’ position on a subject that is not as straightforward as first appears.

As we have made clear on previous occasions, including when we were asked for opinion on the register prior to the article being published, Scottish Land & Estates fully supports the principle of a register of rents. It is disappointing, therefore, that the article implies that there is yet more division within the sector where none exists.

Indeed, acknowledging that there are a variety of challenges associated with the implementation of a register does not mean that it is ‘too much for landowners to stomach.’

It does mean, however, that solutions should be sought to these issues prior to the introduction of a register. These are not only problems for landowners but issues on which the whole sector needs to find solutions.

Andrew Howard

Scottish Land & Estates representative on the Tenant Farming Forum


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