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Sharing research about the Cairngorms National Park

Researchers, managers, academics, students and the public can start to share information and research about the Park on CNPA’s website from today. The new ‘Cairngorms Research’ pages will be a resource for everyone to find out about research projects, publications and opportunities for future research. Read more…
The pages have been developed to support the Cairngorms National Park as a ‘Learning Landscape’, making it easier for researchers to share information with each other and with the people who manage the Park. Everyone can help make the pages a one stop shop for information and research about the Cairngorms.
Researchers and academics are being asked to submit information and links to current and past research while the public can find out about ‘citizen science’ opportunities in the Cairngorms National Park and across Scotland, that help build the wealth of information recorded about the Cairngorms.
The web pages build on joint work between the Cairngorms National Park Authority and the University of the Highlands and Islands Centre for Mountain Studies, as well as research-sharing events held with the support of the Beltane Public Engagement Network. Those events identified the need for a central point for research records in the Cairngorms to allow researchers to make better use of what’s already known as well as helping the people who manage the Park find and make use of it. The new pages start this process of knowledge exchange.
During 2014 the pages will grow with more records of research and up to date information on active research projects. The Park Authority will also be leading the development of a Research Strategy for the Park with partners to set the priorities for future research in the Park to inform and improve the long term management of the Park.
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