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Domestic RHI - need for those making legacy applications to move quickly after the launch says Saffery Champness

The Domestic RHI will be launched by DECC this Spring and will provide a financial incentive to encourage householders to switch to using renewable technologies to heat their homes.

Some, who effectively are ahead of the game, have already installed qualifying renewable heating systems in advance of the launch.Shirley Mathieson, Partner, and Head of the Renewable Energy Team with UK Top 20 Chartered Accountant Saffery Champness, is warning that those who already have such systems in place should be aware that they only have a maximum of one year from the launch of the scheme to submit their application forms. Following that initial 12 month period the scheme will remain open only to new installations commissioned after the launch date.

In addition, those with an already-installed system that has been part funded through the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme will have even less time to register their application and should be ready to submit at the earliest opportunity after the Domestic RHI scheme opens.

Shirley Mathieson says:

Those who are ahead of the curve and are already enjoying the benefit of heat from a qualifying renewable system should be aware that there will only be a limited window for their applications to be processed. Taking into account other potential considerations such as a Green Deal Assessment and meeting of certain Energy Performance Certificate criteria there may still be some work to do to make even a new system eligible.

Having been assiduous in making the switch to renewables it would be regrettable to miss the window of opportunity to sign up to the Domestic RHI scheme and we are encouraging timely action from those who may be in this position as soon as details of the launch date are known.


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