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Scottish Land & Estates Statement on bringing back wolves

Scottish Land & Estates Statement to the Sunday Herald on bringing back wolves

Following a recent event at Alladale Estate hosted by owner Paul Lister, Anne Gray, Policy Officer with Scottish Land & Estates commented: “Mr Lister wishes to see Alladale developed as a Wilderness Reserve and in doing so he is involved in a number of nationally relevant activities such as native reforestation, peatland restoration and wildcat and red squirrel conservation.  He also has wider ambitions to bring back top predators within the confines of the Wilderness Reserve, so as to restore the natural balance of the ecosystem of the Reserve.  This undoubtedly presents challenges, but could also offer a unique ecotourism opportunity for Scotland.” 

“While Mr Lister isn’t looking for reintroductions to the wild of predators such as wolves and bear, his vision for Alladale often raises this debate.  In this respect, Scottish Land & Estates advocates that proposed reintroductions need to be carefully considered.  Each potential reintroduction raises questions about that species’ benefits and costs in terms of the existing ecosystem and land management practice.  Reintroduction trials need to be properly managed to ensure that if they are unsuccessful they can be reversed and that we do not see escapees that lead to the establishment of wider populations before the pilot outcomes are known.  We would neither be for nor against a reintroduction until proper scrutiny had taken place.”

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