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Glen Hydro completes Joint Venture with Hydropol Project & Management AS

Glen Hydro is pleased to announce the completion of a joint venture with a well-established European hydro consultant and developer. Hydropol Project & Management AS has its head office in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as branches in several other European countries. Bringing together Glen Hydro’s local knowledge and experience of small, Scottish run-of-river projects and Hydropol’s wider expertise in hydro power creates a powerful and capable company, now operating on a local level in Scotland.

Based in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Glen Hydro has been working with Scottish landowners since the introduction of the Government’s Feed in Tariff for small hydro in 2011. The company is led by Richard Haworth and Luke Milner who are supported by a rapidly growing team of experienced hydro professionals.

Glen Hydro will continue to focus on 100kW plus sites with the range now extended up to 2MW. The company operates as both consultants, taking schemes to consent and project managing construction, and as developers of its own schemes under flexible agreements with landowners. Backed by Hydropol there will now be a much greater depth of engineering support and the funding for larger schemes which will open up a variety of new opportunities. The benefit of this arrangement between experienced hydro partners is that is avoids the delays and costs typically associated with bank or project funding.

The Hydropol Group has 20 years experience in project development, engineering, construction, reconstruction, operation and maintenance of small and medium scale hydroelectric schemes and runs over 60MW of operational sites with a further 20MW under construction. A rapidly development programme has a further 120MW of hydropower planned across Europe and further afield in Asia and South America. The experiences which Hydropol has already been through will therefore provide a huge benefit to Glen Hydro throughout the development process.

Luke Milner, Director at Glen Hydro, said: “We are proud to secure the backing of a well-respected, experienced and proven hydro consultancy and developer. The hydropower sector in Scotland currently presents a great opportunity and we are very excited about the future. As a small and efficient company we are able to move quickly to develop any project to meet the tight and ever-changing deadlines created by the Government’s support for the industry. No hydro scheme is the same and we pride ourselves in our flexibility. We are now able to use Hydropol’s long standing experience and reputation in the industry to raise funding quickly and efficiently.
I am excited about the next steps in this growing company and about becoming even more active in the sector.”

Petr Noscak of Glen Hydro and Hydropol, said: “We are extremely pleased to take our first steps in the Scottish hydro sector with Glen Hydro following our investment with North Wales Hydro Power in 2012. It has taken a lot of effort to find the right partner in the Scotland and I am now looking forward to working with Luke and his co-director Richard Haworth and growing the business in Scotland. Having looked at projects which are already operating in Scotland we understand that there are many local businesses which will benefit from our partnership in terms of investment into the local economy, sustaining and creating new jobs in this difficult economic climate. We have a history of forming new relationships with specialist hydro partners throughout the world and in using our expertise and previous experiences to help these businesses grow at a local level but also further afield. We also hope that our support will allow Glen Hydro to consider larger projects throughout Scotland.”


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