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Request for Members Input With Scottish Borders Council

Tony Stevenson, Trevor Jackson - both South East Regional Committee members - and Teresa Dougall, SE & SW Regional Manager, met recently with Brian Frater (Head of Planning and Regulatory Services within Scottish Borders Council) to look at ways in which we can work better together and increase their awareness of the work being undertaken by members in the region – especially projects which are in line with their Single Outcome Agreement and other relevant high level policies.

It was agreed that we would put forward a series of proposed visits to members businesses in the area and I am now looking for specific projects/initiatives which are underway to which we could take Council officials and staff to increase their knowledge in the diversity of rural businesses and instances of community engagement. Projects may include renewables, housing, business hub activity, allotments through to the wider aspects of agriculture, forestry etc.

If you would be willing to take officials/staff around your estate and/or business to look at specific projects, please contact Teresa on 01292 267074 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We would be looking to undertake these visits around September/October.


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