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Farm Woodland Management and Woodfuel Demonstration Event


Brucefield Estate in Clackmannanshire was the venue for this demonstration event on farm and estate woodland management and woodfuel.

Farm and estate woodlands are often left to look after themselves.   Being typically small and isolated, they are frequently seen as difficult and uneconomic to manage. However, managed properly, they can provide new business opportunities to owners and multiple benefits, including a sustainable fuel supply, valuable timber products and environmental services.

The 80plus delegates that attended this event saw firsthand how timber can be extracted and marketed and how woodlands can be managed to maximise their economic and environmental potential.

The network of machinery rings throughout Scotland and organisations like SAOS exist to facilitate the management of woodlands on farms and estates through collaborative working and those who attended were given practical demonstrations of the range of resources, equipment and expertise available through machinery rings.

This event was organised by Forestry Commission Scotland, Biomass Network East of Scotland in association with Perth & Kinross Council, SAOS, Tayforth Machinery Ring and Scottish Land & Estates.


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