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Weather Aid Scheme opens for applications

The scheme has been introduced to compensate farmers who experienced greater than normal losses as a result of the severe snow storms in March 2013; extreme weather in 2012/13; and the sandstorms in May 2013.

An industry group chaired by the Scottish Government have agreed the application form and Notes for Guidance. The form must reach Scottish Government no later than Friday 5 July 2013.

The application form can be accessed here:

The guidance notes can be accessed here:

Compensation will be calculated on the basis of income lost due to livestock or crop losses caused as a direct result of the climatic event in question. No compensation will be paid for damages to farm buildings and farm equipment. Any losses covered by insurance schemes or any other private or public funds will be excluded from the calculation. Applicants must be able to provide evidence of these losses in their applications and/or during post-payment checks.

Any business in Scotland involved in agricultural production may apply if, as a result of wet weather in 2012, snow in March 2013, or sand storms in May 2013, they have:

•         lost 10 per cent or more breeding ewes/lambs put to ram/goats,

•         reared 20 per cent fewer lambs/kids in 2013,

•         lost 5 per cent or more other breeding livestock,

•         reared 10 per cent fewer calves/other livestock, and/or

•         re-sown 20 per cent or more of an arable crop.

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