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Landowners Seek Removal of Goose Sale Restrictions


Echoing recent calls to allow the limited sale of geese shot during the current effort to manage the goose population across the Hebrides, Scottish Land & Estates’ Highland Regional Manager Drew McFarlane-Slack said:
“The National Goose Management Review Group recently considered proposals for the regulated sale of goose carcasses which are shot as part of measures to manage at sustainable levels goose populations on Scotland’s islands and parts of the mainland.  Scottish Natural Heritage currently run schemes aimed at providing compensation to farmers who are affected by goose grazing and have more recently started to trial “adaptive management” strategies to keep numbers in check.  
“Shot geese can currently be consumed by the shooter or given away for domestic consumption, but they cannot be sold.  The restriction was introduced many years ago at a time when goose numbers where particularly low and protection was logical, thus the commercial market for wild goose meat was removed.  Some goose species have now recovered sufficiently that it is believed by ourselves and some other groups that a careful reinstatement of a limited commercial market is appropriate.”  

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