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Landowners Call For Considered Responses To Supreme Court Judgement On Salvesen Case

Following today’s (Wednesday 24 April) Supreme Court judgement announcement on the Salvesen case, a Scottish Land & Estates spokesman said:

"This judgement will have to be studied in detail as the case raises important constitutional and practical issues, given that the Court of Session decided the legislation went too far in this case. We would suggest that all industry bodies and politicians who have an interest in the case refrain from knee-jerk reactions to what is a complex legal matter.  We look forward to continuing engagement with the Scottish Government in coming months to find a solution to the matters arising from this case.
“It is important that the courts are there to protect the rights of all - including property owners - from poor law. It is clear that in this case the court's view was that the owner's property rights were infringed and that the Scottish Parliament exceeded its powers. Importantly, today's decision did not involve either party from the original case.  It should also be borne in mind that this is not simply a landlord - tenant case but rather one where a limited partnership was in place and which was due to end under the terms of the agreement between two parties."

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