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Renewable Heat Incentive – online support


Whether you’re in the process of completing  your application form for the Renewable Heat Incentive or taking meter readings and submitting periodic data for payment, you might be interested to know about Ofgem’s updated website which should make these processes easier. 
For help on completing the application form, see our new How to Apply web page which helps walks you through the process and has guides that give you:
  • sight of all the questions in the application form so you can prepare in advance.
  • a checklist and help with answering some of the key questions
  • screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to use the RHI Register

You’ll also see a list of all the documents that you have to upload as evidence as part of your application, together with templates for forms that you will need.  

If you’ve already been accepted onto the scheme and are finding the business of taking meter readings and submitting periodic data tricky, visit Meter Readings and Your Responsibilities web page.   There you’ll see:

  • information on when you have to take and submit meter readings including a handy Date Calculator spreadsheet tool.
  • a list of the periodic data we need you to submit to us whether your installation is classed as ‘simple’ or ‘complex’.
  • a step-by-step table on how to do the calculations for the heat data that you send to us. 
  • information on how payments are calculated.
  • the Guide to Using the RHI Register which has screenshots and instructions on how to submit periodic data. 
Be sure to read the section at the beginning of the web page that summarises your ongoing obligations to stay compliant with the scheme such as maintenance and record keeping.  For instance making sure from the outset that you keep all fuel receipts and also have a log of the quantity of fuel used.  Or if you’re harvesting from your woodland, that you keep a log of the deliveries made to the boiler house and a record of where the harvesting has taken place.

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