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Landlords Take Pragmatic Approach To Rent Reviews


Scottish Land & Estates said today landlords across Scotland were taking a pragmatic approach to rent reviews due next month in view of the extreme weather conditions suffered by farmers and land managers in much of the country.
Luke Borwick, chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said that landlords in those areas of Scotland most adversely affected had decided to defer rent reviews which were due to take place, with others confirming that the impact of the weather will, as always, be discussed and taken into account as part of the normal rent review process.
The weather has not been uniformly detrimental throughout Scotland and in some areas farming has not been seriously impacted and rent reviews are taking place as scheduled and rents have been agreed through constructive dialogue.
Mr Borwick said: “In some areas of Scotland the weather has had a very serious impact on farming operations while other areas, such as the North-east of Scotland, have not been affected so badly. Many landlords have their own in-hand farming operations and, in areas where there have been extreme weather conditions, they will be well aware of the challenges in their locality and will empathise with other famers, whether tenants or owner-occupiers. Early dialogue between tenant and landlord is always recommended in order to explore the avenues that may be open to reflect the particular circumstances of a particular farm on a particular estate.
“We were, along with individual estates and land agents,  contacted by the Scottish Tenant Farming Association requesting a blanket moratorium on rent increases. Given the variable conditions across Scotland, it is not appropriate to make a blanket recommendation but rather to deal with this on a case by case basis which reflects the particular circumstances of a particular farm. This is what happened, for example, during the foot and mouth outbreak when landlords were sympathetic to particular, local conditions. Scottish Land & Estates encourages open and early dialogue between the parties in relation to rent reviews and any question of a rebate on contractually agreed rents.”

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