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Scottish Government provides timetable for next SRDP

With commendable transparency Scottish Government has released an indicative timetable for the development of the next SRDP. It highlights the process that Scottish Government intends to follow in order to allow the next rural development programme to become operational in August 2014. Scottish Government does emphasise that this is an indicative timetable and that timings can easily slip because of events  (such as European negotiations) outwith their control, but it is helpful for stakeholders to be aware of the considerable work going on behind the scenes to get the next programme operational as soon as possible. 

A couple of dates to note are the two consultations planned for this year. Scottish Government will be consulting in May on the broad architecture of the next programme, the delivery mechanisms and the priorities, before consulting again later in the year on the detailed content of the programme. 
Partnership Agreement framework (1st stage)  March 2013
Launch SRDP stage 1 consultation May 2013
Scotland Rural Development financial allocation determined
 June 2013
Financial allocations per priority July 2013
Produce stage 1 consultation response  August 2013
Launch stage 2 consultation (possibly combined with Partnership Agreement framework consultation)  August 2013
Areas facing Natural Constraint (ANC) final delimitation (unless ANC delayed)
 September 2013
Rural Development Regulation agreed  September 2013
Option design (1st stage complete) September 2013
Targeting (1st stage complete)  September 2013
Scheme design (inc LEADER, Regional Delivery)  October 2013
Delivery structure framework (includes final approach to Partnership Agreement)  October 2013
Approval of national priorities & Rural Development strategy    October 2013
Produce stage 2 consultation response  October 2013
UK Partnership Agreement (including Scottish chapter) sent to European Commission
October 2013
Ex-ante Evaluation & Strategic Environmental Assessment complete
 November 2013
Scottish Government approval of SRDP November 2013
Formal submission of SRDP
December 2013
European Commission (EC) SRDP approval (EC has 6 months to approve)  June 2014

Legislation approval process


June 2014
August 2014



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