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Essential training for land managers


THE Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust is urging all those who utilise snares as a means of wildlife management to be fully trained and be in possession of the required certificate and user ID number before 1st April 2013.
It will be illegal to set a fox or rabbit snare after 1st April 2013 without the operator’s ID number attached. This ID number can only be obtained by presenting your training course certificate to the local police who will in turn forward the individual ID number.
GWCT will be hosting another snare training course on Saturday, March 16 near Stenton, East Lothian for those operators who have not yet gained a certificate.
“This course is an opportunity for those farmers, land managers and gamekeepers who have not yet got their snare training certificate. It is a last chance before the 1st of April deadline after which it will be illegal to set a snare without an operator ID number attached,” said Hugo Straker, senior advisor, GWCT.
“This course will highlight the fundamental importance of animal welfare and will provide a clear legal steer as well as useful hands-on tips through practical demonstrations.”
Fox and rabbit control in Scotland is necessary to ensure that damage to crops, livestock, trees, game and other wildlife and their habitats can be reduced to acceptable levels to maintain Scotland’s unique rural biodiversity. Snaring is a vital tool to achieve these ends in Scotland due to diverse landscape and types of cover.
This new legislation must be adhered to in order to retain snaring as an effective means of pest control and practitioners must be vigilant in correctly operating these devices.
On successful completion of the course and when a certificate has been issued, an application form should be completed and taken to your local police station with your original snaring certificate, proof of identity (passport/driving licence), a passport photo and £20 fee. The application form is available to download from the Scottish Government website or GWCT website:
For further information and to book your training (£48 inc VAT) per person, please contact Irene Johnston, tel: 01738 551511, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .u

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