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CAP vote opens way for negotiations

This week saw the European Parliament vote on a series of amendments to the four draft CAP regulations and agree the Parliament’s position for this round of reform. This vote does not define the exact nature of the next round of the CAP; it provides the Parliament with a position and a mandate to negotiate with the Council and Commission on the final text of the regulations that will set the rules for the CAP post 2014. 

The final shape of the Parliamentary text that resulted from the vote is still being assessed, but headlines that came up during the vote include the following. MEPs voted to:
  Go back to the Commission’s three greening measures (albeit modified), but removing some of the other equivalent ways of qualifying for greening such as involvement in agri-environment and certification schemes
  • Put EID back into cross compliance
  • Support for capping
  • Retain 15% coupled payments
  • Remove ‘double funding’ related to greening and agri-environment support
  •  Ring fence 25% of rural development funds for agri-environment and climate measures
  • Support 15% modulation (but with the requirement that it must be match funded)
The process of finalising the CAP package involves the Parliament and European Council (agriculture ministers) agreeing their respective positions on the CAP before entering negotiations to agree the final deal. Once the Council has finalised its text in the next weeks the start of the triologue process involving the Parliament, Council and Commission is scheduled to begin on 11 April. Both the Parliament and the Council have been working in the same direction through dialogue so the possibility of agreement by the end of the Irish presidency in June is still there.   

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