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Open General Licences (Scotland) 2013 are published

The Open General Licences for Scotland authorise the control of certain bird pest species including crows, gulls and pigeons. This control is necessary for specified reasons, including the conservation of wild birds and the prevention of serious damage to livestock and crops.

Scottish Land & Estates has been in discussions with SNH throughout 2012 to ensure that the revised 2013 licences are fit for purpose and produced in a timely manner. The process has worked well. The new revised Licences are available at:

We must remind members that it is a legal requirement for people operating using these licences to have read and understood the terms of these new licences. This includes using them to control crow species, gulls or pigeons. This is important as there have been some important changes to the licences for 2013, particularly in relation to the regulation around the use of crow cage traps. These include Clam-type traps (Larsen Mates), Larsen traps and multi-catch crow cage traps. It should also be pointed out that this Open General Licence for 2013 removes any doubt that may have existed that Clam-type traps or Larsen Mates are indeed a legal trap. This clarification is important and welcome.


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