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Emergency measures for slurry spreading

Due to ongoing wet weather, SEPA will be working with farmers to address increasing issues around the spreading and storage of slurry.Currently, the spreading of slurry or farm yard manure on waterlogged ground is a breach of environmental legislation, as run off pollutes local water courses. However, when conditions are consistently wet, and spreading activity is limited, this can create storage problems and possible animal welfare issues on farm steadings. Farm waste is highly polluting in nature and needs to be managed carefully. Guidance and help on avoiding pollution from agricultural activities can be found on SEPA website

Stephen Field, Land Unit Manager for SEPA said: "We are taking a pragmatic approach to the problems facing land mangers on an individual and site specific basis. We will agree to slurry spreading, under certain restrictions, to minimise any risk of environmental pollution. Anyone who is facing a problem with storage of agricultural materials should contact us on 0800 80 70 60. You will be put through to the appropriate local office, who will work with you to ensure no environmental damage."The full press release is available on
SEPA website.


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