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Snaring Update

Further to previous updates, the latest secondary legislation on Snaring under the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act has now come into force. This brings the remaining provisions on snaring, including training and ID numbers, into force on 1 April 2013.  A Scottish Government statement issued on 22 November states:

“The change in applies to all snares and snaring operators who currently use snares as a means of pest and predator control including farmers, crofters, gamekeepers, and greenkeepers on golf courses. Snare operators have been able to undergo training courses, which are run by Scottish Government approved bodies, since 2010.  From 22 November, a snaring operator who has successfully completed the training course can apply to their local police station for a unique identification number which must be attached to all snares set from April 1, 2013. Successful completion of the one-day training course will provide an indication that the applicant has sufficient knowledge and experience to use snares responsibly and within the legislative requirements. The identification numbers and tags will make snaring operators more accountable for their actions as the identification number and tag will help identify the individual snaring operator.”

It may take some time for local police stations to iron out procedural issues, so the Scottish Gamekeepers Association is urging members not to apply for ID numbers until mid-December to avoid a flood of applications which local police may not be able to deal with immediately. Snare operators have until 1 April 2013 to complete an approved  training course, get their ID number and start using ID tags.

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