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The Economic Value of Landscapes in the Scottish Borders

A private-sector survey of marketing practices and opinions of accommodation providers in the new Teviot Valleys Special Landscape Area of the Scottish Borders has recently been published. The report highlights that a major marketing opportunity is being lost by the Scottish tourism industry operating within the spectacularly unspoilt "Carter Bar Panorama" in the Scottish Borders. Coherent management of scenic assets, cultural heritage, tourism and events programmes (as provided by the Northumberland National Park Authority) does not exist on the Scottish side of Carter Bar.

   Commenting on the survey, Professor Jane Bower from the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS), a commissioning party for the report, said: "The tourist business is a dispersed economic activity in an increasingly centralised world. It is accessible to rural communities in a way that many other economic activities are not.  Many of these small businesses, and a substantial number of their contractors, could become uneconomic and cease trading if even a small proportion of tourism business were lost, leading to a knock-on effect on fragile local economies and  local schools and so on."

The survey highlights a strong appetite for joint marketing in the new Teviot Valleys SLA, concern about windfarm developments in the Carter Bar Panorama and identifies 164 jobs relating to accommodation provision within this remote rural area. A full copy of the report can be found on our website.


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