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Members encouraged to join two new portals - Rural Estates and Go Rural


Scottish Land & Estates recently partnered with two new portals, Rural Estates  and Go Rural, to provide members with an excellent method of promoting their activities, events and properties whilst enabling Scottish Land & Estates to display the range of activities on offer across rural Scotland amongst our members and how open and accessible a lot of estates and rural business are.  This is in replacement of the You’re Welcome / Enjoy portal.


Rural Estates

Matthew Hale is the brains behind Rural Estates - a Hertfordshire Farmer who has developed a successful office centre on his farm, Matthew started the website last year to help himself and others to make potential tenants aware that their premises existed and the business has grown from there. 


How works:

  •  Promotes the estates individually and links to their services
  • Promotes the services individually on the …inthecountryside suite of branded websites built for maximum public appeal and optimisation
  • Gives a brief summary of the service and invites contact


The Benefits

  • Increased online visibility, through association with a much bigger site and the economies of scale for optimisation
  • More leads, thus giving increased revenue possibilities
  • A branded search means users are likely to return for other activities
  • Clear market information on services offered, enabling users to make more informed decisions



We have negotiated preferential rates for our members with Matthew at and he is offering a free 6 month trial, with no obligation to join at the end, for 30 member estates that sign up before the end of August. If you are interested, please contact your regional manager now. Places are limited so don’t miss out.

For anyone joining after the end of August, the rates are as follows: £5 per click for high value services and business leads or 10p per click for low value services such as information and contact details.  These click rates are capped depending on how many services businesses are listed on, to ensure no overspend, as follows:

Number of estate services                     Price cap for first 12 months

1-2                                                             £150

2-5                                                             £250

5 +                                                              £400  

More about Rural Estates

Rural Estates Online is a mix of property, IT and business related people who share the common goal of raising awareness about the opportunities available in the countryside, to help create revenue for the landowner.

Who are the Team?

Vast Visibility – experienced web-company based in Southport. A Google 100 recognised developer, Vast run a number of very successful websites and have a great track record of getting hits to websites and creating business.

Matthew Hale – a Hertfordshire Farmer who has developed a successful office centre on his farm. Started the website last year to help himself and others make potential tenants aware that their premises existed. He is supported by a team dedicated to promoting rural property and creating content about it.

Lord Derby – has a multitude of rural enterprises on his estate at Knowsley, but understands that to maintain interest levels, modern marketing techniques must be undertaken to increase awareness of his products.

Rural Solutions – have been heavily involved with the development of rural property for over 15 years. Their work has shifted from commercial schemes to a variety of end uses and they have recognised that wider digital marketing of these schemes is extremely important.




Go Rural

We have spoken about Go Rural in previous issues of eNews.  Go Rural promotes activities, accommodation and events to urban dwellers within Scotland. Launched at Glamis Castle on 4 July, the initial pilot is focused on engaging Edinburgh residents with venues within 90 minutes of the City Bypass.  Membership of the site if just £150 and Scottish Land & Estates is one of the official project partners, along with NFU Scotland, VisitScotland, Scottish Enterprise, the Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers and Angus Council.


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