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Retention of Short Tenancy Option - The Best for Both Landlords and Tenants

SCOTTISH Land & Estates has responded to the Government’s  draft strategy for the private rented sector.  The organisation, which represents over 2,500 Scottish landowners, has reiterated its view that the short assured tenancy regime offers flexibility for both tenants and landlords and  has also highlighted that the current methodology for Energy Performance Certificates is not fit for purpose in rural properties.

Head of Policy, Sarah-Jane Laing commented:

“As our members are the main providers of private rented housing in rural areas, it was imperative that we raised awareness of the challenges faced by them in relation to meeting energy efficiency targets, and also their concerns about the impact of further regulation on the sector.  In terms of encouraging landlord investment and increasing supply, we underlined the need to address problems faced in regard to recovery of possession of properties and also the need for changes to the current taxation regime.

“With regard to the suggestion that there is a need to review the existing tenancy regime,  the Scottish Government’s review of the Private Rented Sector in 2009 pointed to a tenancy framework that was working satisfactorily, with those who want to stay in the sector for longer periods often able to do so and those looking for flexible accommodation able to find it.

“We do not think that there has been any evidence provided to show that this is no longer the case and any suggestions regarding the removal of the provisions which allow for a six month SAT would be detrimental to the sector and would decrease supply.”


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