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Brian Pack publishes red tape review proposal

Brian Pack has published a scoping report on his Red Tape review here:

In summary:

  • The ‘Doing Better’ initiative will cover all farmers and land managers (including anyone in receipt of CAP funding) but will only cover regulation that is specific to them and not those applicable to wider society e.g. VAT and vehicle licensing.
  • There will be an extensive consultation process. Pack suggests that reducing red tape entails better regulation and reduced bureaucracy and he proposes two different evidence gathering processes. With regard to better regulation, he proposes an e-engagement process with regulators feeding in suggestions for public debate in e-forums.
  • With regard to reduced bureaucracy, he proposes a more conventional way of collecting and analysing evidence on the regulatory framework predominantly from the organisations responsible for regulation and how they apply them.
  • The Chairman will have a panel of three independent advisors to assist in evidence gathering and analysis.
  • It is anticipated that the E-Engagement process will take about eight months.
  • The interim report will be produced about six months after the evidence gathering starts. The final recommendations will be produced about six months after the interim report as long as this is at least two months after the E-Engagement platform closes assuming a series of public meetings are not required.

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