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Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill

The launch of the Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill took place in Glasgow on 6th June 2012.  Luke Borwick and Jason Rust attended on behalf of Scottish Land & Estates.  An exploratory consultation is now underway on the proposed Bill and this closes on 29th August 2012.  While welcoming the opportunity to participate in the consultation, the importance of the private sector in both the rural and urban sense was highlighted by Scottish Land & Estates as an essential factor in this process.  There is to be a further consultation in spring 2013 and the establishment of a reference group co-chaired by COSLA in order that local government views the Bill as an opportunity and not as a threat.  Key areas to consider in detail include:-

  • The definition of community
  •  Engagement with the public
  •  Promotion of the use of existing tenant management rights
  •  Community right to buy for urban communities
  •  Changes to allotments legislation
  •  Dangerous/defective buildings
  •  Use of compulsory purchase powers
  •  Long-term empty properties

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