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Report reveals how much timber there is in Britain’s forests

Britain’s forests contain an estimated 336 million cubic metres of coniferous timber, according to a report published by the Forestry Commission.

Coniferous timber is timber produced by conifer trees such as pine, spruce, larch and fir species, and is also known as ‘softwood’. The ‘Standing Timber Volume for Coniferous Trees in Britain’$FILE/FCNFI111.pdf  report, which contains important information for planning a range of forest-related developments, reveals that:

  • publicly owned forests managed by the Forestry Commission contain just more than one-third of the timber, at 125 million cubic metres;
  • forests in private and other forms of ownership contain about 211 million cubic metres;
  • Scotland has by far the largest volume of standing coniferous timber, with 212 million cubic metres.
  •  Sitka spruce trees account for slightly more than half of all the coniferous timber.

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