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Lambing season warning for dog owners

Published in: The Courier
Date: 6 April 2012

Dog owners have been warned to keep their pets under control in the countryside as the lambing season gets under way.

The Perth and Kinross Outdoor Access Forum says walkers must be ''particularly careful'' to guard against dogs upsetting pregnant sheep at this time of year.

The forum's convener, Nick Cole, said: ''Sheep are especially vulnerable as lambing time approaches so please keep out of fields with farm animals in them as much as possible.

''If you need to cross a field, dog owners should keep their dog on a short lead or under close control and keep as far away as possible from the animals.

''Once young animals are born, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code states that dog owners should not take their dogs into any field that contains lambs, calves or other young animals.''

In more open country, in locations where it is easier to keep well away from any young animals or livestock, dogs should still be kept on a short lead.

Cattle can react aggressively when young calves are present so the public are advised to keep as far away from them as possible.

Anyone who is chased is advised to let the dog go and take the shortest, safest route away from the cattle.


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