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Update on tenancy deposit schemes

Following a number of queries about how the compliance dates for the Tenancy Deposit Schemes have been calculated, the dates had been referred back to the Scottish Government's legal team to re-check that the calculations are correct and in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011.


The Scottish Government has now provided confirmation of the compliance dates for tenancy deposit schemes. The wording has also been revised to make the transitional arrangements clearer.


1.      Deposit received prior to 7 March 2011:


Where tenancy renewed on or after 2 October 2012 and before 2 April 2013 (Regulation 47(a))


Within 30 working days of renewal


In any other case (Regulation 47(b))


By 15 May 2013  


2.      Deposit received on or after 7 March 2011 and before 2 July 2012 (Regulation 48)


By 13 November 2012


3.      Deposit received on or after 2 July 2012 and before 2 October 2012 (Regulation 4)


By 13 November 2012


4.      Deposit received on or after 2 October 2012 (Regulation 3)


Within 30 working days of the beginning of the tenancy



The Scottish Government website is currently being updated to reflect the revised timescales.


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